!@#$ oh no. (demonicah) wrote in johnen_claims,
!@#$ oh no.

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Hi. Welcome. I have nothing to say.

Blech. Although I, myself would want to
claim.. ughh... The "Immortilising the Moment"
Scene from JTHM. D:
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Jhonen. Have a good night.
Yup. His name is spelled "Jhonen". Perhaps you should have known that before making the community?
Big mistake... Jhonen doesn't like it when fans spell his name wrong o_0 tsk tsk
Ooh... Jhonen shall kick your boo-tay for this... I think I saw Jhonen today... Hurm...

Do not spell the name of the Jhonen wrong, or invoke the wrath of.. him...
are...are you serious? Did ya really see him?

LoL about the name spelling, as I tell my mom when she calls him yo-in-nin vash-queez....It's not too hard to pronounce/spell the mans name.
i just got problems with his last name prouncastion......is that even a word?